Index of all recipes on Coquinaria - Origin

Recipes can be found in five ways, on period and source (historical recipes only), on their place in the menu, on origin, and on their date of publication on this site. If you want to look for ingredients, you can use the Search Page. Because more and more recipes are added to Coquinaria, each category now has its own page. Here is a summary of all categories.

Categories by origin
Netherlands, Arab, China, England, France, Germany, Italy/Roman, Japan, Mauritius, Spain/Catalunya, United States of America


Apple sauce. (hist)
Barley Soup. (hist)
Black salsify with parsley sauce. (hist)
Broiled fish with three sauces. (hist)
Cake with quinces. (hist)
Capon à la braise with caper sauce. (hist)
Cheese pie with pears. (hist)
Chicken with spring vegetables (hist)
Chocolate custard.
Clareit. (hist)
Cream of Chicken Soup.
Cucumber salad (hist)
Custard with ratafia. (hist)
Dutch pea soup (snert).
Eggs with gooseberries. (hist)
Fake eggs for Lent (hist.)
Fake fish (apple pastry). (hist)
Fine cakes. (hist)
Garden Salad (hist)
Garlic Sauce. (hist)
Gilt poverty. (hist)
Gooseberry omelette. (hist)
Herb soup with potato dumplings. (hist)
Hopjes custard.
Hot-smoked salmon with dill-mustard sauce.
Kale with chestnuts and groats. (hist)
Kroketten and Bitter balls.
Marrow pasties ('sluberkens'). (hist.)
Mashed potatoes with kale and smoked sausage.
Minced veal meat balls in head-lettuce. (hist)
Orange custard.
Pasty with lamb chops. (hist)
Plum Pie. (hist)
Prune 'sup'. (hist)
Quince jelly. (hist)
Red Cabbage with Apples. (hist)
Roast chicken with redcurrant sauce. (hist)
Salad with parsnip. (hist)
Salmon Salad. (hist)
Speculaas with almonds.
Spice cake (ontbijtkoek).
Spicy pea soup. (hist)
Stamppot (mashed potatoes, kale, and smoked sausage)
Stockfish with peas, apple and raisin. (hist)
Stuffed quinces. (hist.)
Vanilla custard.
Wafers with whipped cream. (hist)


Deep-fried braids. (hist)
Meatballs in aubergine sauce. (hist)
Mulahwaja. (hist)
Pasties with aubergine stuffing. (hist)
Pasties with spinach stuffing. (hist)
Spicy meatballs. (hist)


Chinese smoked fish.
Tea eggs.
Tomato Soup.


Apple pie. (hist.)
Apple fritters.(hist)
Apple sauce (hist).
Blancmange with crayfish. (hist)
Mallard with onion sauce. (hist)
Marzipan hedgehog. (hist)
Pike in Galentine. (hist)
Puff pastry. (hist)
Rhubarb fool. (hist)
Roasted Xmas-goose
. (hist)
Smoking Bishop. (hist)
Sponge cake. (hist)
Square stuffed omelette. (hist)
Strawberry pudding. (hist)
Tamarind ice cream. (hist)
Trifle. (hist)
Turk's head (game pie). (hist)
Yrchouns ('hedgehogs'). (hist)


Barley Soup. (hist)
Crème brûlée. (hist)
Eggs with gooseberries. (hist)
Fillet of salmon in red wine sauce. (hist)
Fish with 'Sauce ramolade' (hist)
French pea soup. (hist)
Fried eggs with mustard.(hist)
Traditional Game Sauce.
Green sauce for fish or meat (hist)
Hypocras. (hist)
Jacobin pottage. (hist)
Jacobin Soup. (hist)
Kale with chestnuts and groats. (hist)
Lemonade. (hist)
Marinated veal cutlets. (hist)
Meat stock. (hist.)
Mint soufflé.(hist)
Mushroom pasty. (hist)
Mushroom pie. (hist)
Mustard. (hist)
Pastry dough (hist)
Pomegranate salad. (hist)
Potage à la Reyne (Queen's soup). (hist)
Royal peas. (hist)
Salsify fritters. (hist)
Spinach pie. (hist)
Stock for Lent. (hist)
Strawberry soufflé. (hist)
Stuffed chicken. (hist)
Stuffed oranges. (hist)
Tuna with mustard. (hist)
Wine of the Gods. (hist)

Easter eggs. (hist)
Pasties with sweetbread. (hist)
Stuffed eggs with curly mint. (hist)


Aubergines in aubergine sauce. (hist)
Barley Soup, Roman (hist)
Broad beans à la Vitellius. (hist)
Broccoli in the Opera. (hist.)
Chickenbreast with blackberry sauce. (hist)
Chestnut purée. (hist)
Crostini with cheese
. (hist)
Game Sauce à la Bolognese.
Lucanian sausages. (hist)
Mortadella. (hist)
Mussels with lovage sauce and cumin sauce. (hist)
Omelette with asparagus. (hist)
Omelette with quail. (hist)
Ravioli with quail stuffing.
Roman apricots. (hist)
Roman broccoli. (hist)
Soup of broad beans with saffron and herbs. (hist)
Tortellini in brodo. (hist)
Fresh pasta dough (Italian)
White tourte (hist).


Fresh pasta dough (Japanese)
Noodle broth


Moutayes. (hist)
Vindaye de poisson. (hist)


Russian Stock. (hist)
Salade Russe. (hist)
Sour Shchi (hist)


Genestada. (hist)
Marinated quail eggs.

United States

Waldorf Salad. (hist)