Index of historical recipes on Coquinaria - Sources

Recipes can be found in five ways, on period and source (historical recipes only), on their place in the menu, on origin, and on their date of publication on this site. If you want to look for ingredients, you can use the Search Page. Because more and more recipes are added to Coquinaria, each category now has its own page. Here is a summary of all categories.

De re coquinaria or Apicius
(Roman, 1st to 4th century AD)
Barley Soup, Roman.
Broad beans à la Vitellius.
Chestnut purée.
Lucanian sausages.
Mussels with lovage sauce and cumin sauce.
Omelette with asparagus.
Omelette with quail.
Roman apricots.
Roman broccoli.

Kitab al Tabikh
(Arab, 10th century)

Anonymous Andalusian Cookery book
(Arab, 13th century)
Pasties with aubergine stuffing.
Spicy meatballs.
Deep-fried braids.

Tractaus de modo preparandi [...]
(Latin, 2nd half 13th century)
Stuffed chicken.

Baghdad Cookery Book (Kitab al Tabikh)
(Arab, 1286)
Meatballs in aubergine sauce.
Pasties with spinach stuffing.

(French, late 13th century)
Fried eggs with mustard.
Green sauce for fish or meat.

British Library MS Royal 12.C.xii
(Anglonorman, 1320-1340)
Turk's head (game pie).

Diuersa Servicia
(English, 14th century)
Blancmange with crayfish.

Laud ms 533
(English, 14th century)
Apple sauce.

The description of familiar foods
(Arab, 1373)

Ménagier de Paris
(French, ca 1380)
Mushroom pasty.

The forme of cury
(English, ca 1390)
Roasted Xmas-goose.

Chiquart, Du fait de cuysine
(French, 1420)
Jacobin Soup.

Harleian ms 279
(English, early 15th century)
Apple fritters.
Square stuffed omelette.
Strawberry pudding.
Yrchouns ('hedgehogs').

Llibre de Sent Soví
(Catalan, early 15th century)

Harleian 4016
(English, ca 1450)
Mallard with onion sauce.
Pike in Galentine.

Martino de Rossi, Libro de arte coquinaria
(Italian, 1464/1465)
Chickenbreast with blackberry sauce.

Wel ende edelike spijse
(Dutch, late 15th century)
Apple sauce.

Cuoco Napoletano
(Italian, ca 15th century)
Aubergines in aubergine sauce.

Clm 15632
(German, after 1490)
Easter eggs.

KANTL Gent 15, vol.1
(Dutch, ca 1500)
Fake eggs for Lent
Fake fish (apple pastry).
Garlic Sauce.

KANTL Gent 15, vol.2
(Dutch, ca 1500)
Spicy pea soup.
Wafers with whipped cream.
KANTL Gent 15, vol.3
(Dutch, ca 1500)
Broiled fish with three sauces.
Stockfish with peas, apple and raisin.

Mittelniederdeutsches Kochbuch
(German, ca 1500)
Stuffed eggs with curly mint.

UB Gent 476
(Dutch, early 16th century)
Cake with quinces.
Marrow pasties ('sluberkens').
Roast chicken with redcurrant sauce.
Stuffed quinces.

Notabel boecxken van cokerijen
(Dutch, 1514)
Stuffed eggs.

Domenico Romoli, Singolare dottrina
(Italian, 1560)
Crostini with cheese.

Gheraert Vorselman, Nyeuwen Coock boeck
(Dutch, 1560)
Cheese pie with pears.
Salad with parsnip.

Bartolomeo Scappi, Opera
(Italiaans, 1570)
Broccoli in the Opera.
Fresh pasta doughfor tagliatelle, lasagne and ravioli
Soup of broad beans with saffron and herbs.
Tortellini in brodo.
White tourte.

Karel Baten, Coc-boeck
(Dutch, 1593)
Gooseberry omelette.

Lancelot de Casteau, Ouverture de cuisine
(French, late 16th century)
Mushroom pie.
Pastry dough.
Tuna with mustard.

François La Varenne, Le cuisinier françois
(French, 1651)
Eggs with gooseberries.
Meat stock.
Stock for Lent.

Pierre de Lune, Le cuisinier
(French, 1656)
Jacobin pottage.
Fillet of salmon in red wine sauce.
Spinach pie.

Le confiturier françois
(French, 1660)

Le cuisinier françois méthodique
(Frans, 1660)
French pea soup.
Pomegranate salad.
Potage à la Reyne (Queen's soup).

L'École parfaite des officiers de bouche
Wine of the Gods.

De verstandige kok
(Dutch, 1667)
Chicken with spring vegetables
Garden Salad
Minced veal meat balls in head-lettuce
Plum Pie

L.S.R. L'Art de bien traiter
(French, 1674)
Marinated veal cutlets.
Royal peas.

Massialot, Le cuisinier royal et bourgeois
(French, 1691)
Crème brûlée.
Fish with 'Sauce ramolade'.

De geoeffende en ervaren Keuken-Meester, of de Verstandige Kok
(Dutch, 1701)
Cucumber salad.
Eggs with gooseberries.

Susanna Eger, Leipziger Kochbuch
(German, 1706/1745)
Pasties with sweetbread.

Vincent La Chapelle, Le cuisinier moderne
(French, 1742)
Kale with chestnuts and groats.

De volmaakte Hollandsche keukenmeid
(Dutch, 1746)
Eggs with gooseberries.
Fine cakes.
Prune 'sup'

Hannah Glasse, The art of cookery made plain and easy
(English, 1747)

Apple pie.
Marzipan hedgehog.
Puff pastry.

Nieuwe vaderlandsche kookkunst
(Dutch, 1797)
Black salsify with parsley sauce.
Pasty with lamb chops.
Quince jelly.

Aaltje, de volmaakte en zuinige keukenmeid
(Dutch, 1797)
Barley Soup.
Salmon Salad.

Antonin Carême, Le patissier royal
(French, 1815)
Mint soufflé
Strawberry soufflé.
Stuffed oranges.

William Kitchiner, The Cook's Oracle
(English, 1822)
Rhubarb fool.

John Conrade Cooke, Cookery and confectionary
(English, 1824)
Tamarind ice cream.

Dick Humelbergius, Apician morsels; or, Tales of the table, kitchen and larder
(English, 1829)
Smoking bishop

Antonin Carême, L’art de la cuisine française au XIXe siècle
(French, 1832)
Barley Soup.

Betje, de goedkoope keukenmeid
(Dutch, 1850/1851)
Red Cabbage with Apples.
Salmon Salad.

Isabella Beeton, The Book of Household Management
(England, 1861)
Sponge cake

Jelena Molkhovets, A gift to young housewives
(Russia, 1866)
Russian Stock.
Salade Russe.
Sour Shchi.

Henriëtte Davidis, Keukenboek
(Dutch, 1868 2nd edition, or. German 1844)
Capon à la braise with caper sauce.
Herb soup with potato dumplings.

O.A. Corver, Aaltje, nieuw Nederlands kookboek
(Dutch, 1891)
Salmon Salad.

Oscar Tschirky, The cookbook by "Oscar" of the Walforf
(American, 1896)
Waldorf Salad. (hist)

Alice Lesur Rey, Notities
(French/Mauritian, early 20st century)

Auguste Escoffier, Guide culinaire
(French, 1902)
Salsify fritters.

Edmond Nicolas, Het extra kookboek
(Dutch, 1955)
Gilt poverty