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Koninginneweg 55
NL 1241 CV Kortenhoef

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At the email-address that belongs to this domain (info at coquinaria dot nl) I received an avalanch of spam because I hadn't taken the precaution to encrypt the address. That is why I have chosen to simply disable that mailbox and use an entirely new one.
Email-address: coquinaria A*T gmail D*O*T com (replace A*T and D*O*T with "@" and ".", and remove spaces).
If you do not get an answer, or receive an error message, there is an alternative address: coquinaria A*T livejournal D*O*T com.

When writing to me about the contents of this site, please mention the title of the webpage in question in the subject-line, or at least somewhere in your message.

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