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Christianne Muusers has studied Dutch Language and Literature at the Utrecht University, and graduated with a major in medieval Dutch literature and minors medieval Latin and paleography and codicology. Starting with the study of medieval Dutch cookbooks, she specialized in culinary history. She has contributed to publications on the artes (Een wereld van kennis [A world of knowledge], ed. by E. Huizenga, O. Lie, en L.M. Veltman, 2002; Verloren; 'Zintuigen in de Middeleeuwen', a special issue of Madoc. Tijdschrift over de Middeleeuwen [Madoc. Periodical on the Middle Ages](jaargang 20 (2006) nr 4).). In 2003 Christianne Muusers published Pauwen en pasteien (Peacocks and pasties), with medieval recipes that were prepared for a meal in the Muiderslot, a castle near Amsterdam. In 2011 she contributed to the second volume of the series De middeleeuwse kloostergeschiedenis van de Nederlanden (The history of medieval cloisters in the Netherlands) on everyday life.

On this website Christianne Muusers publishes the editions of three medieval Dutch culinary manuscripts, with translations in modern Dutch and English (this a work in progress). Every two months, a new historical recipe is published, ranging from antiquity up to the nineteenth century. A new project is a site dedicated to reviewing books on culinary history and historical cookbooks (and any cookbooks that she finds interesting), but this is so new that I have yet to publish my first review there. The Dutch equivalent is more active at the moment.

Two blogs are connected to Coquinaria: the English LiveJournal Coquinaria, and the Dutch Wel ende Edelike Spijse. Updates are irregularly made, there is simply too much to do.

From 1997 to 2007 Christianne Muusers also organized culinary workshops with historical and other culinary themes, since 2008 she specializes in talks and lectures on culinary history.

This website has been designed by Christianne Muusers, and is regularly updated by her.