Making cheese - Milking

Cheese is made from milk, so that's were we'll start ...

These pictures were made in 2002 on the organic farm Villenue near Montluçon in France. They had milk cows and goats. Cheese can also be made from the milk of sheep, camels, horses and other animals

Introduction to cheese making, Gouda Cheese, Herb Cheese, Fresh Cheese.

The bron - Coes and goats


These calfs are still young, later they will be milking cows. To become one, they have to calve first. This will start the milk flowing.

The cows are being fetched for milking

Cows on their way to milking. Twice a day.

Milking cows

The cows are connected to the milking machine. To keep them calm, they are fed at the same time.

Very fresh milk

The freshest milk possible, still warm from the cow.

Milk goats

The goat herd on their way to milking.

The milking machine for goats

The milking machine for goats. They jump in of their own accord.

Pigs love whey!

No, pig milk is not used for cheese! But pigs love whey, the thin nourishing liquid that remains after the milk has curdled.

If you'd like to become a cheesemaker yourself, I recommend American Farmstead Cheese , from Paul Kindstedt and the Vermont Cheese Council. More books on cheesemaking