Medieval Beef Stock

2 litres (4 pints)

This recipe is not based on a medieval source. Stock was so common, there was no need to write down recipes for that, just as with recipes for baking bread. So here is an educated guess from me. A recipe for Modern beef stock.

A fifteenth-century butcher's shopIngredients
1/2 kilo (3 pounds) shin of beef
1 leek
2 turnips
1 carrot or parsnip
1 onion with peel
1 bunch parsley with roots attached
3 cloves
small piece of mace
black pepper, freshly ground
3 litres (6 pints, 3/4 gallon) water

Wash and clean all vegetables, cut them coarsely.
Put the beef in the pan with cold water, bring to the boil. Then skim very carefully before adding the vegables, herbs and spices. Cover the pan with a lid and let the stock simmer for four hours on a very slow fire. The stock does not need be boiling.

Strain the stock, and reduce to two litres, then let it cool quickly. Now you can freeze what you don't need immediately.
Do not forget to label your frozen stock, in the freezer all stocks look alike.

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