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 Updates 2006/2010 
Updates 2004/2005
18 04 2017Added historical recipes for Roman tuna and Roman cucumber (Dutch)Tonijn uit de Romeinse tijd (Dutch)
Keizerlijke komkommers (Dutch)
07 04 2017Added modern recipe for 'Sambal-goreng sauce' (Dutch)Sambal-gorengsaus (Dutch)
30-03 2017Added new page for the 'Simple Soup' project (Dutch)Simpele soep (Dutch)
05-03 2017Added historical recipe for Tulip bulb soup (Dutch)Tulpenbollensoep (Dutch)
29-01 2017Added historical recipe for Rhubarb Fool (English)Rhubarb, the reverse tomato (English)
27-01 2017Added historical recipe for Fish Salad with 'Sauce Ramolade'  (English)Fish with 'Sauce ramolade' (English)
04-01 2017Added modern recipe for Sausage Rolls (Dutch)Worstenbroodjes (Dutch)
01-01 2017Added historical recipe for Stuffed Oranges (English)Stuffed Oranges (English)
21-12 2016Added historical recipe for Pickled Herring (Dutch)Pekelharing (Dutch)
23-11 2016Added historical recipe for Pasta from Scappi (Dutch), and a page on the history of pre-industrial pasta.Macaroni van Scappi (Dutch)
Een beetje macaronigeschiedenis deel 2 (Dutch)
20-11 2016Added modern recipe for Lace cookies with coconut (Dutch)Kokoskletskoppen (Dutch)
04-09 2016Added modern recipe for Minestrone Soup (Dutch), two historical pasta recipes from the First World War and a page on the history of maccaroni.Minestrone (Dutch)
Macaroni met tomaten (Dutch)
Macaronipastei (Dutch)
Een beetje macaronigeschiedenis (Dutch)
03-07 2016Added historical recipe for Rhubarb Fool (Dutch) and modern recipe for Slow Spinach (Dutch).Rabarber fool (Dutch)
Indiase spinazie (Dutch)
08-05 2016Added historical recipes for Russian stock and Sauerkraut soup (English)Russian basic bouillon (English)
Sour Shchi (English)
26-04 2016Added historical recipe for Fish salad with 'remoulade' (Dutch)Vissalade met 'remoulade' (Dutch)
25-04 2016Added modern recipe for Orange flan (Dutch)Sinaasappelflan (Dutch)
29-02 2016Added historical recipe for Roman Chestnut Purée (English)Roman Chestnut Puree (English)
22 02 2016Added historical recipe for Orange jelly with blancmange (Dutch)Sinaasappelgelei met blancmanger (Dutch)
18 02 2016Added modern recipes for Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork and Pickled Vegetables (Dutch)Koe loe yuk (Dutch)
'Gepekelde' groenten (Dutch)
02 01 2016Added historical recipes for Russian stock and Sauerkraut soup (Dutch)Russische basisbouillon (Dutch)
Zuurkoolsoep (Dutch)
02 01 2016Added modern recipe for Japanese salad with eggplant (Dutch)Sunomono van aubergine  (Dutch)