Stockfish with peaseThis is the introduction to the edition of the third volume of the four-volume convolute Gent KANTL 15. This third volume was published by W.L. Braekman in 1986, together with the second volume, in Een nieuw zuidnederlands kookboek uit de vijftiende eeuw. Scripta 17. (transl. of title: A new southern Dutch cook book from the fifteenth century).

The copyist
The third volume is written mainly by one hand, but a different hand from the one in volume 1 (hand a) and the main hand in volume 2 (hand b). However, the hand from volume three also wrote some recipes on page 79 that was filled for about a third by hand b and the last page that was originally left blank, save for a motto (see the introduction to vol.2).

The edition
The edition is in three columns. The center column contains the Middle Dutch text in diplomatic form, i.e. it has the same use of capitals, interpunction, abbreviations (transcripted in italic) and the line breaks. However, there will be no paleographical or codicological commentary. The place for that is a printed edition.
In the lefthand column is a translation in modern Dutch, in the righthand column you find a translation in English. The translations are working translations, not definitive versions. I have decided to add them anyway, to make the medieval text more accessible. The translations do not follow the syntax of the original to the letter, to be more easily read. Because this is not an annotated edition, I have not offered any arguments in the choice of specific translations. In a printed edition I hope to go more deeply into the meaning of individual words. In the mean time I welcome suggestions or differing opinions anyone has to offer.
The meaning of some Middle Dutch words remains unclear. These words are marked with (?) in the translation. In some places I will add a very short commentary, when a translation is not possible, or the used Middle Dutch word unknown, or used in an unknown capacity. Sometimes I differ with Braekman on how a word should be translated. For the most part I have not marked these differences in the edition, these will be mentioned later in the glossary.
The English translation was made by myself. I am Dutch, not a native speaker of the English language. If you find any mistakes in spelling, grammar or used terminology, please let me know, that I can correct these mistakes. Thank you!

An example of hand c in vol.3 of ms Gent KANTL 15, from page 101 (recipe 3.47)

Recipe numbers
Although Braekman published the second and third volume of this convolute together with a continuous numbering of the recipes, I have decided to start numbering the recipes in volume three with 1. It has clearly been a separate cookbook; the first page (p.83 in the convolute) has clearly been the 'front page' for a period of time, as it is noticeably more dirty than the other pages. To find the recipe numbers in Braekman, just add 205 to the recipe numbers in this edition. For example, recipe 3.1 in my edition is #206 in Braekman's version. Reversedly, recipe 222 in Braekman's edition is #17 in my edition. On this page I have added Braekman's recipe numbers to the center column between brackets.

The contents of volume 3
Below you find a list of the recipes of Volume Three of manuscript Gent KANTL 15. As in the edition, there are three columns, from the left with modern Dutch, Middle Dutch and English recipe titles, with links to the recipe in question. The links appear only in the column in the middle. Because the translations appear right next to the original text, this must be sufficient. Medical recipes are marked with an asterisk (*) behind the recipe title.
Transcription and translations by Christianne Muusers.

List of recipes in Volume 3 of Gent KANTL 15
Recipes 1/50 - Recipes 51/100 - Recipes 101/132 -  Glossary

3.1. Om gebraden vis te bereiden op Keulse wijze
3.2. Om stokvis te bereiden in de vastentijd
3.3. Om stokvis te bereiden op Duitse wijze
3.4. Voor verse lampreien
3.5. Om amandelkaas te maken
3.6. Om galentijn te maken
3.7. Om snoek te koken
3.8a. Snoek met spek
3.8b. Snoek met spek op een andere wijze
3.9. Om kleine snoekjes te bereiden
3.10. Om verse steur te bereiden
1 (206) Om droeghen visch te reijden op sijn Koels
2 (207) Om stockvis te reijden in den vasten
3 (208) Om stocvis te reijden op sijn Duijts
4 (209) Om lampereijen die versch zijn
5 (210) Om kees te maken van amandelen
6 (211) Om galentijn te maken
7 (212)Om eenen snoeck te sieden
8a (213) Van eenen snoeck mitten speck
8b (213) Op een ander maniere
9 (214) Om cleijn snoeckens te reijden
10 (215) Om stoer te sieden die vorsch is

3.1. To prepare grilled fish in the manner of Colgne
3.2. To prepare stockfish during Lent
3.3. To prepare stockfish the German way
3.4. For fresh lampreys
3.5. To make almond cheese
3.6. To prepare galentine
3.7. To prepare pike
3.8a. Pike with lard
3.8b. Pike with lard another way
3.9. To prepare small pike
3.10. To prepare fresh sturgeon