The convolute Gent KANTL 15
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De -niet contemporaine- voorkant van Gent KANTL 15This is the only medieval cookery book conserved in the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature in Gent (Belgium). It is a convolute, which means that several manuscripts are gathered in one binding. In the case of this particular convolute, it is certain that the four manuscripts it consists of have all been written in the same household, or at least in the same environment over some time, probably during the second and third quarters of the sixteenth century.

The Belgian historian Willy L. Braekman (1931-2006) has published all four manuscripts in three publications. Vol.1 'Een belangrijke middelnederlandse bron voor Vorselmans’ Nyeuwen Coock Boeck (1560)' (in Volkskunde 87, 1986, pp. 1-24; transl. of title: "An important Middle Dutch source for Vorselmans 'New Cook Book' (1560)'). Vols 2 and 3 in Een nieuw zuidnederlands kookboek uit de vijftiende eeuw. Scripta 17, 1986. (transl. of title: A new southern Dutch cook book from the fifteenth century). Vol. 4 in Licht der Natur. Medizin in Fachliteratur und Dichtung. Festschrift für Gundolf Keil zum 60. Geburtstag (1994, pp. 37-54). 

The first three volumes contain mainly culinary recipes and a few medicinal recipes. The last volume contains only medicinal recipes. Several hands have contributed to the volumes. The first volume is written by one hand (a), with some small exceptions. In recipe 1.40 the last word ("hant") is repeated in a different hand (hand w). Recipe 1.42a is written in yet another hand (hand v). From page 30 onwards the recipe titles are written in another, very ungainly hand (hand x). The second volume is also written by one hand (b), except for the last few pages which contain recipes written by two other hands (c) and (d). The third and fourth volumes of the manuscript are again written in one hand which resembles closely hand a, it may very well be the same hand. Volumes one and three are in part written on the same paper (with the same filigrane). The name "gerardus rodolphus" is written in two places, in volume one and in volume two (hand z). In the second volume there is another name of ownership: "Dit boeck hoert toe Alijt Anthonis Belartsdochter" (hand y) ("This book belongs to Alijt daughter of Anthonis Belart"). 
Vlek op bladzij 13 van het convoluutAlthough the volumes have known a seperate existence, it seems that they have been bound in one cover for a long time.
Unlike UB Gent 476 and UB Gent 1035, this convolute shows signs of use near a kitchen. There are quite a few pages which are stained with wat seems to be typical 'cookbook stains'. It would be interesting to analyse some of these stains, but I do not suppose that will ever happen.

The edition of the first volume in this convolute has been completed, and can be found here.
The edition of the second volume in this convolute has been completed, and can be found here.
The edition of the third volume is in progress, as is the edition of the fourth volume. The progress on the third volume can be found here.

I have made modern adaptations from several recipes in all three volumes, On this page you can find links to the recipes.